Lilt Creative

You’re a business owner with a lot of passion and a need to present your ideas in a way that works. A way that resonates with your audience. And with a clarity and beauty that answers to both your vision and to your audience.

Lilt Creative is a small design studio with boundless vision. I specialize in web design, book design, and brand identity.

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I just did a soft launch and did
70% better than for my goal for new
members to my community. Everyone is loving the design!

Melissa Zoske

With Yoda-like acuity, Zsofi was able to channel the soul of our design through her adept use of pixels. Thank you Zsofi for your vision and sense of style."

Joe Kelly

The Lilt Process

“Zsofi is a whiz at making gorgeous designs from jumbled ideas” —Jul’s Arthur

I’ve never been one for a cookie cutter approach. Your ideas are unique, and they deserve originality, care — and the assurance of deadlines met and goals achieved. The prospect of designing a new brand or website presence can feel overwhelming, but I have over a decade of experience in this industry to help you get your new look out the door and into the world, where it belongs.

I’m a collaborator, and a communicator. When I design your brand and/or website, I do it in partnership with you. I’ll lead the way, but together we’ll find your best expression.


When you choose Lilt Creative you're in good hands. My small but mighty team cares deeply about your satisfaction. We strive to ensure you have what you need to not only hit your goals, but knock them out of the park.

When we play to our strengths, we create extraordinary results.

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