Lilt Creative

What Zsofi does is pure magic. Now I know it’s because she is that good at realizing exactly what I needed.

I am in love – head-over-heels with my new site – and so is everyone else! I couldn’t be happier, and I’m already looking forward to the next stage.


Hiring Zsofi was one of the best business decisions I've made. She always takes the time to learn about my customers and my vision and that's what makes her work better than the rest.


Zsofi is an absolute genius at what she does. Her sites are professional, beautiful, and truly convey the essence of her clients’s businesses. And she has killer customer service. But none of those were what sold me on her. Nope, what sold me on her is this: she designs from a place of intuition. The first time I got on the phone with Zsofi, I knew she “got” me, mind, business and soul. Zsofi and I have now been working together for four years, and not only do I adore her work, I adore working with her.


The launch of my new website made my business increase immediately. If you want an online home you absolutely love, you have to hire Zsofi! Honestly, anything this magically talented artist touches comes to life. I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted, and Zsofi gleaned from my love of varied elements and styles a core that tied everything together. Working with Zsofi helped me clarify my brand my message and my position.


I'm much more enthusiastic about sharing my site with the world. My list has grown, my site views have quadrupled. The growth has been amazing.


I'm thrilled with my website. I wanted a unique design that's welcoming, inspiring and peaceful, giving a sense of 'me'. Zsofi has created exactly that.

I've received an avalanche of positive feedback since the website launched. Zsofi has designed the online home I'd hoped for, helping me to grow my business, promote my offerings and attract my peeps.


As a writer and owner of a publishing company, I am beyond thankful for Zsofi’s intelligent and creative cover and interior book designs.

I would have been (literally) selling my books short were it not for Zsofi’s ability to visually represent my content in such a compelling way.


I am thrilled to have beautiful new Zsofi Koller designed website! I love it all…the branding, the design, the colors, the words and the flow. The whole experience from start to finish was creative, efficient and basically… fun! The site feels just right for me… and for that I am thankful.


Zsofi has a gift for tuning in and turning your business story into a vibrant visual identity. She took our brand and totally upleveled the way we show up in the marketplace. We get more attention, stand out from the pack and and attract more prospects thanks to her work.


I am so grateful I found Zsofi! For the first time, I have a web site I simply adore, understand how to use, and has brought more attention to my business.

I have seen an incredible increase in my programs, classes, and newsletter opt ins.

Zsofi took the time to get to how my business and what makes it uniquely me. Every moment of this journey has been a pleasure. Zsofi and her team have brought the art of web designer to a whole new level!


Zsofi has a way of understanding me, my company and my goals, in a way that I have never been able to find. That to me is priceless. Working with her has been so easy.

She managed to help me brand all of my business concepts in a way that reflects who I am. It's as if me and my business are ONE. And that???s what I needed but didn't know how to convey. I love how she managed to tie my logo, watermark, banners, website pages, etc. and it all flows so effortlessly.

Zsofi has the ability to get into the client’s brain and create everything that they’ve ever wanted but perhaps didn’t know how to express. Her ability to visualize is unbelievable.


Zsofi is the absolute best!

It is very rare to find someone who can really understand who you are and what you want to communicate, and express all of it in your website and design.

I received so many compliments on my logo and website right away. Even more importantly, through using her ideas, my contacts have been growing each day. I think the best thing of all for me was working with Zsofi.

Not only is Zsofi extremely bright, but she is also one of the nicest people I have ever worked with. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process of creating and launching my new brand with her and her team. You will too!