Lilt Creative

How I work with you

I’m Zsofi (pronounced: ZHO-fee) Koller. Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I am the owner and creative director at Lilt Creative — a small design studio with lofty ambitions and boundless vision. If you’re the type to also be driven by ambition, unstoppable vision and a huge dose of maybe-caring-too-much, my guess is we speak the same language.

I am passionate about extraordinary results —that moment when clients are blown away by their new designs—but I’m just as excited by the process of getting there. Connection and collaboration are both intrinsic to the way I work. What we’re doing is fun. It’s creative. It’s bounded only by the limitations we chose to put on it. So I chose to embrace that process as a joyful thing. I’m all about making a comfortable space for us — one in which you’ll feel relaxed enough to tell me what you really think, in a way that’s fun for us both. (Psst, having a sense of humour is invaluable!)

What drives me the most and makes me LOVE my job is that beautiful challenge of taking shapeless ideas and concepts and shaping them into the THINGS that then get used, so wonderfully practically. Websites people click on! Books people read! Isn’t it like magic? It feels like magic, to me. So my work fuels me, likely at the deep level your work fuels you too.

The right design is something your work deserves

The right design can make all the difference in the success of your business.

I keep saying the word “deserves.” There’s a reason for that.

I have found over the years that one thing business owners with big ideas and plenty of heart are feeling is….wanting to be seen. But terrified of it, too.

Hey, I’m a small business owner. I get it. I do. And I see it again and again.

So the people I work with, as visionary as they are, might stumble in actually feeling like: “Okay, my business deserves this. It IS special. It DOES deserve the extra touch, the special magic of a custom-created brand.”

We doubt ourselves, we might quietly ask ourselves at 3am —”Will this be worth it? Will this pay off?”

Full stop: YES. It’s time to move forward, not back. It’s time to let your business, your brand be what it TRULY is. It’s a leap. But damn it’s exciting. And nothing is more important than believing in what you’re doing and letting it happen.

My Clients

I am honoured to work with amazing business leaders.

I work with highly motivated visionaries who understand that communicating their message clearly and succinctly—using intelligent and insightful design—is a fundamental requirement for progress.

My clients are widely diverse, but they have a few things in common. They’re all either foremost in their field or ready to be there. They’re the radical thinkers, the compassionate leaders, the people who, daring to speak their minds and hearts, find the world is listening. They’re so fired up about what they do, they don’t even think of it as “work.”

If you share these traits, then I already know we’re a good fit.

Are you ready for me to start translating your big ideas into gorgeous visuals with a strategic endgame?

So am I.

Let’s get started