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Zsofi is an absolute genius at what she does. Her sites are professional, beautiful, and truly convey the essence of her clients’s businesses. And she has killer customer service. But none of those were what sold me on her. Nope, what sold me on her is this: she designs from a place of intuition. Zsofi and I have now been working together for four years, and not only do I adore her work, I adore working with her.

Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin
1.0 Brand Visual Identity & Strategy

Your business needs a brand that is beautiful, professional, and cohesive across all social platforms.

I work closely with you to find a look and feel that is 100% you. It's so important you love the way your business presents itself! It should feel authentic to the core of what you do.


Time investment: 4-6 weeks

Deliverables: You'll receive a logo, a Brand Strategy Guide, and social media graphics that will work across all platforms.

The Real Gain: Confidence, clarity, and a plan of action on how to get your voice OUT there.

Investment: Starts at $2000 USD.

2.0 Website Design

A beautiful, distinctive, and easy-to-use website is essential for your business's success.

I work closely with you to understand the goals and direct aims you require, so we can create a successful site that works across all platforms.


Time investment: 6-12 weeks

Deliverables: A custom-created website design based on user experience and your brand's unique visuals

The Real Gain: A clear, beautiful, and utterly original platform that highlights your brand's message and draws in readers and clients.

Investment: Starts at $5000 USD.

3.0 Retainer Clients (Limited)

You’ll receive the services of an experienced, agile designer to join your team. This option is for larger-scale clients with dynamic, ongoing needs.

I develop an even deeper understanding of your message and can anticipate your design needs almost before you consider them.

I’m there for you whenever you need me — for quick design jobs or bigger projects.

Contact me for pricing details and availability.

Projects vary according to your needs

Next Project Opening :: December 2018.