Lilt Creative

How I work with you

I’m Zsofi (pronounced: ZHO-fee) Koller—a designer specializing in creating beautiful, functional virtual spaces for passionate leaders.

I love to help business owners become clear on your message.

Connection and collaboration are both intrinsic to the way I work. I’m all about making a comfortable space for us — one in which you’ll feel relaxed enough to tell me what you really think, in a way that’s fun for us both. (Psst, having a sense of humour is invaluable!)

Why is this so important to me? 

The right design can make all the difference in the success of your business.

I love how design requires problem-solving in both aesthetics and storytelling. It’s a blend that stimulates and challenges me every day.

My clients are all making change in their corner of the world, and I get to help spread their message farther, to reach a wider audience, to make even more change.

Creating the right design for your site and brand can take your business from average to super successful—I’ve seen it happen again and again.

My Clients

I am honoured to work with extraordinary business leaders.

I work with highly motivated visionaries who understand that communicating their message clearly and succinctly—using intelligent and insightful design—is a fundamental requirement for progress.

My clients are widely diverse, but they have a few things in common. They’re all either foremost in their field or ready to be there. They’re the radical thinkers, the compassionate leaders, the people who, daring to speak their minds and hearts, find the world is listening. They’re so fired up about what they do, they don’t even think of it as “work.”

If you share these traits, then I already know we’re a good fit.

Are you ready for me to start translating your big ideas into gorgeous visuals with a strategic endgame?

So am I.

Let’s get started